A Phởq’Interview with Tristan Kino [Final Frontier, BKK]

Tristan has become a Bangkok mainstay, organizing events such as Qommon and Final Frontier, and bringing artists like La Mamie’s, Skatebård, Agonis, Oskar Offermann, Julius Steinhoff and Roza Terenzi to the city.
After two years in Melbourne, playing in clubs like Lounge, Glamorama or Revolver, he was able to connect with the Australian scene and got really inspired by what it had to offer. With his latest release on Short Black Records featuring a remix from Johannes Volk, Tristan affirmed himself as a producer. His style varies across techno, electro and house, always following the feeling of the crowd.

Speed Phởq’ing

Kristan Tino controls his life.
Steve Aokino
The Bloody Beetroots — Warp 2.0 (feat. Steve Aoki)

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